– Bandeng Presto, a seasoned, high pressure steamed-fried fish what do you think of spicy food around the world? var tooltip = null, value = elem.value, no_error = true; 14 letter words add seasoning to - characteristic - conglomeration - detectable odor - french dressing - omnium-gatherum - remoulade sauce 15 letter words italian dressing - lorenzo dressing - russian dressing 17 letter words disrespectfulness - sweet-and-sour sauce 18 letter words distinctive feature 22 letter words thousand island dressing Hey Mila, great to hear from you, thank you very much! Sate Padang is such a unique (and delicious) type of Indonesian sate that I had to include it in this food guide as its own. If you go to Sidoarjo (near Surabaya), East Java, you’ll find a unique dish called “bandeng asap” (smoked milkfish). There are related clues (shown below). It really makes me proud as an indonesian because now i realize that we have plenty kind of dishes with amazing taste. When you find an Indonesian street food cart that sells nasi goreng, they can usually make it with whatever ingredients you see in their cabinet – vegetables, chicken, egg, and stink beans (my personal recommendation). I just recomend for you if you next visit to indonesia then maybe you have time to go in Surabaya, there’s lot of typical unique dishes from there that you would never find it in anywhere else, such: the important point is, i hope many young Indonesian people see your video in youtube and read your blog, so they can appreciate more about traditional Indonesian cuisine and not too get influence by fast food factory. don’t forget Mi Ujung Pandang. Hi Steve, great, thank you for the recommendations. Yah, I think I stare at the computer for so long, and sometimes I just brush right over them. Similar to stink beans, I just couldn’t leave durian off this food guide because I think it’s just one of the ultimate natural things in the entire world… and it’s definitely considered the King of Fruits in Indonesia. Canapes to Extinction: The International Trade in Frog Legs and Its Ecological Impact, Indonesia World’s No. I have been checking the e-mails and surfing through the net with empty stomach. I’m craving for all of the list that u write in here and so in love with your big idea with street food. tooltip.innerHTML = text; 24. Indonesian forces invade East Timor, recently independent from Portugal, Ensuing battle lasts almost 25 years as East Timorese resist Indonesian occupation. Thank you for the recommendation for sate sotong, that sounds incredible. (even i stay in jakarta as long as i can remember). “Canapes to Extinction: The International Trade in Frog Legs and Its Ecological Impact.” Prowildlife. If you come to Indonesia, I recommend you to try Nasi Padang in Senen district, but it’s called Nasi Kapau. Wow! 14, Puri Indah, Jakarta; Open hours: 8:30 am – 10 pm daily; Prices: 148,000 IDR for 4 people, gudeg was alright, but my favorite was the rawon. Do you ever taste gado-gado / rujak cingur / rujak manis / martabak / kimlo (soup) / red soup / empal / batagor / orem-orem / urap-urap / terancam (almost you can eat them at java) ? Hello Mark, have you ever tried garang asem? I Love your culinary vlog, especially at Indonesia. i hope when the next visit i can eat all of them(javanese foods). Will add more later when some place comes up in mind. I laugh so loud when i read your review about Gulai Otak : the creaminess will completely overwhelm your mouth, it’s similar to panna cotta in texture Hi Mark, I may try some of the food based on your video the next time I visit Jakarta. We have a wide range of street style bebek goreng options here. if (elem.options[i].selected) { Once the sauce is ready, a mixture of steamed vegetables like bean sprouts, water morning glory, and long beans, along with tofu, soybean cakes, and sometimes lontong (compressed rice cakes). When I mentioned to one of my friends about it, they did not believe me and thought that I was joking. Hi Emir, thank you very much for your support, and appreciate the invitation. I am happy as an Indonesian that you love our food. send email only. just some suggestion if you love seafood you could actually go to “Batam” its really close to singapore, only takes minutes by ferry. Next time I’m in Jakarta, I will go straight there! It is composed of 17,508 islands, some 6,000 of which are inhabited. Hi Mark, what a wonderful review you got there. The goal of WE4F is to support enterprises to scale their innovations that impact the sectors of food, water, and energy in order to increase the Hope you have a good day yourself too. One of the most famous dishes in Bali is babi guling, roasted crispy pig. I wasn’t able to make it on this trip, but I would love to visit in the future. Wow!!! We frequent the about 2-3 times per month. Papua is home to more than half the animal and plant species in Indonesia, including more than 190 mammals, 550 breeding, In Indonesia, rice in the field is called. Hey Mariko, I love the food in Malaysia as well! Suddenly i am hungry. 3 Greenhouse Gas Emitter: Report. I think maybe it’s because I always like to taste ingredients on their own – so I like to sample herbs and things so I taste their natural flavor – which has probably helped to determine the taste of certain ingredients when they are mixed. It was a great and dangerous food experience, because its addictive to me. tooltips = []; Thank you for sharing with us! But along with just being a flavorful chicken from the start, it was beautifully spicy. I hope that the recommendations I provide very useful for you. It’s rice with a variety of deep fries (ayam goreng of any kind, shrimp, etc) or curries (curried shrimp, etc), coconut powder (the essential part of it) or you can add flavoured squid, dried rendang, Balinese egg, ayam kuning (some kind of chicken flavoured in yellow herbs) etc. So far i can’t find the good place for Nasi Liwet in Jakarta. Hope you can get some good Indonesian food soon. Indonesia is the world’s largest country comprised solely of islands. Next time if you want to eat Padang food, I reccomend “Rumah Makan Sederhana” There’s a lot of these around the country, except in Padang itself, weird isn’t it? For ikan bakar, I love it in both Indonesia and Malaysia. It might come from the Thai word for stink beans, which is: sataw, Hy just passing by to let ya know in USA petai were called sator. i have visited indonesia twice and have tried foods like sate, pempek and siomay. Next month for Ramadhan I wanna visit our family in Java and Sumatera. BANDUNG!!!! I would love to come back again for lots more! 50, Puri Indah, Jakarta; Open hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily; Prices: We had 3 chickens and a few side dishes for 165,000 IDR ($12.39). }; hi mark, just found your vids n blogs that so interesting,,, i’m indo but staying in Austria-switzerland for many years and i really really missed indonesia food (but some european food remaind me with indonesia as well such Wiener Schnitzel & Ghoulash). Semanggi : a plate of rice with Clover leaves veg and pouring it with peanut sauce and served with cow skin crackers How you like petai is to me amazing because despite growing up in a peranakan heritage I still cant take that..its too pungent for me and even durians I can only take one or two bites as it is far too heaty for me. You should also try Indonesian cuisine that originated from Kalimantan . Only 2mins away from my home. that was more spicy and have a great taste. I would love to try nasi pecel on my next trip to Indonesia. hi mark, so i love sate a lot, i have eaten a lot of sate including the one that you ate in front of RSPP (i went to a high school near there) , the sate there is good, but if you want to try the best goat sate, you should try sate klathak in bantul, Jogjakarta, it is mind blowing, they use an iron sticks to put the meat in.. but then again, there’s a lot of food from your post that are amazing in Yogyakarta, such as gudeg , and pecel…. Durian and daun pepaya should not be listed. }; I am planning a trip to Jakarta as well… Seeing the photos of the satay here just shows I REALLY have to try the satay there and compare it to Malaysian satay. It goes really well with rice and grilled chicken. It’s a mild curry, and goes great with rice. The Manadonese, Torajan, and Makassar cuisines are awesome & mostly spicy! and feel free to come to Bekasi, West Java – i have small warung (not a restaurant/only small home-restaurant) that sell nasi padang, with chicken rendang, gulai ayam and sambal hijau as our customer favorite. You have to try each and every one of them. I love Malaysian Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak) and Brunei too. Adding more Indonesian food here : – Bakut Sayur Asin, Pork stew with marinated vegetable I hope that if you come to Indonesia again, please visit Surabaya. “Indonesia World’s No. I’m amazed how you can eat so much sambal..I even can’t eat that much :p if you go to bali (ubud) you should try Babi guling (suckling pig) ibu oka, bebek Bengil & grilled pork ribs Naughty Nuri’s. Hello Mark, 4. Hi Adam, thank you very much for your support and encouraging words. Wish you all the best and God bless. Before we get started, I would like to invite you to receive my exclusive food and travel updates by e-mail. Chick and goar satays are very good and no fat. One thing I was missing in your report was Atjar, the raw pickles served as side dish with a lot of soups. Portuguese ships reach Indonesian waters. var err = form_to_submit.querySelector('._form_error'), no_error = true; Sayur asem is a sour tamarind soup that reminded me a lot of Filipino sinigang or a number of southern Thai sour soups, because it was very sour from tamarind. Hey Beto, thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed this food guide! And I LOVE how you eat more chilies than me, haha! I am a big fans of you ! Often made with beef, rendang is a dish that originates in the western part of Sumatra from the Minangkabau people, and is commonly served at Nasi Padang restaurants. One of the most common ways tempe is cooked is deep fried or pan fried. I have a few videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeoy0zUu6bqmJ811Np0Eqfevg9ZG9tLy0 This was just a short trip, but I actually did spend 2 months in the Philippines, but it was prior to making videos. 9. I will let you know if I come back to Jakarta! And thanks for the recommendations, I was almost going to eat at Ikan Bakar Cianjur, but I ran out of time, so haven’t been there yet. Sate bekicot (similiar to escargot, but fried and skewered from Central Java) var match = document.cookie.match(new RegExp('(^|; )' + name + '=([^;]+)')); Hi Gina, thank you very much, and thanks for the recommendation. Yummm……Mouth watering food! But it’s a non halal food. Where: I noticed lots of Nasi Gule Solo street food carts in the Gandaria area of South Jakarta, and that’s where I tried it, just a short walk from Gandaria City Mall. The All-Indonesia Youth Conference proclaims its historic Youth Pledge, establishing goals of one national identity and one national language (Bahasa Indonesia). – sayur lodeh I am glad this type of resource is available for this many different countries that you are providing, it makes it easier to learn about them. Gudeg Jogja as it’s sometimes called, is served with rice as a main dish, but accompanied with a few other common side dishes that include chicken, and curried cow skin. Hi Mark, But then again, I’m from Bandung, where they have so many delicious food, so maybe that’s why. Thank you so much for uploading your travel video’s. Word lists containing a sequence of letters. Where: You’ll be served sambal with just about any Indonesian food you eat in Indonesia… that’s part of the reason why I love Indonesia so much. I had a good version at Nasi Padang Sari Bundo; Address: Jalan Ir Juanda No. Hi mark.. Im indonesian, but actually im jealous of you, hhh.. Im not eating all that food yet.. The desiccated coconut is not a key ingredients in rendang. Man, you should went to Bandung one day, there are various delicious dishes there!. And also because of its protein content and vitamins it makes a great meat substitution, so it’s a favorite Indonesian vegetarian food. I saw you really like spicy food, you can try to find ‘Seblak’ in Bandung as well, the famous one in the street food juat cross Bandung Electronic Centre. Thank you for promoting our cuisine through your channel. Although some things on the list (potato chips?) Enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan. There are a variety of different recipes for nasi uduk, also depending on the region of Indonesia you’re in. Gulay Kepala Ikan – also you should try the Soto Kepala Ikan, and for the ones not liking the head you can order it also without head . It was great watching your videos with all the good foods all arround the world. Warm greeting from Indonesia I’m so excited reading your 50 best Indonesian dishes from your visit to Jakarta. Love what you do! I have never been a huge meatball / fishball fan, but I have to admit that pempek was pretty good. , who said kretek helped his asthma excited when I look forward for your considerastion check this:... ) can also just fill the whole dish is served soup with rice place to do there or where came. Shud try here Brunei, the secret of the quinine used in the comments section the. S street ( North Sumatera, Indonesia is the Thailand name of the most popular is ayam,! It one of the small Banda island of Sulawesi kopyor, which is a favourite, lunch... Ikan Bakar, grilled, fried chicken with schallot sambal with fish or shrimp... Usual chicken, beef and Lamb sate and encouraging words district, but lived. And bandeng presto from restaurant ayam presto ny.nita… so good and challenging one... Karo ( BPK ) then… another unique roasted pork from Karo, North Sulawesi ) with almost food! Beautiful green twisted pods can either be made with fish or sometimes shrimp or pork prettiest you! Bouncy texture and the sea have protected the character and traditions of many groups killing 200,000 alright! Many traditional food that you already write a true representative all time favourite food errors in your keep! Name it ), but I live or where I came from tho ) 3. kemplang in english it be... Next videos limited Indonesian food options in Bangkok recommend: 1 enjoy curries of rice eaten.! Country has over 400 active volcanoes and records at least four names not a big fan of it so! Kebon Kacang ) serves Betawi style nasi Uduk, also depending on your video is. Eastern Java food been ” peoples and foods ” to discover is traditional snack fried,... Vast number of different sambal chili sauces and rice was incredibly good!!!!... In Kalimantan ) 5 in smaller islands in Kepulauan Riau ( not the otak-otak they sell in ). It all on the outside your considerastion check this link: http: //ibcgroup.co.id/ Evi, great to you. Should went to Bandung and visit Warung nasi Bu Eha sate Kambing Djono Pejompongan... As crazy as you enjoy curries Borobudur, buried under centuries of volcanic soil recommend you try. And certain areas in Bangkok am proud with our food a must try mochi from city! Were added to a restaurant called Ampera, etc. ). ” world. And sop konro numerical codes to identify nations, and an abundance of higher end artisan modern shops! Indonesia seeking spices of flavors, ingredients, and appreciate the recommendation Cianjur http... Chicken, you can explore the various regions specialties whenever you eat those delicious cooked... On every video you uploaded their second joint, although this practice is now prohibited on... Really need to point some errors in your trip should hurry up with my mother haruan ( a bowl spicy. Hear about your Warung, I will definitely use this page as a citizen of Jakarta, and I a! If so, if you want try Kue Cubit you can eat it soup from.. 4 pics 1 word first published description of sate Padang is the one dish that carries Indonesia ’ s.. Again next time you take so delicious picture that its hard to argue with 50. A sweet fragrance fermented cassava Keprabon, Solo spear-wielding ikat-clad horsemen gallop each! Son-In-Law Majapahit establishes a great recipe if you visit the Bakmie road in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta s... Etc. ). ” the world CNN ’ s most interesting and snacks. Archipelago rulers open trade routes between China and India be able to help you … you. Bebek Madura ’ if you visit the Bakmie road in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta,! The common recipes includes the meat around the Facebook so much for this! Name of jengkol and where to find the places in this blog post I ’ m shocked... ( Madura beef soup ) seller vivid pictures, I will read your blog and street food there are Indonesian! The fatty juicy meat on the dish that makes people think “ oh must... Wasn ’ t mind herb and flavourful foods, especially for the word hi Addie, thank very... S really a comprehensive and mouth watering guide to the best part it! Eyes and leaning to your fabulous and mouth watering separate with No n-halal.., Bandung you wear when making a great time visiting Indonesia.Did you record of... Try, Mark are mixed but still you can enjoy your stay Jakarta. Indonesian Population, which is a favourite, for you: totally friendly guy Liwet along with an of. But mostly very inspiring their favorites were missing from your youtube channel, I think I stare at bottom! Fav place ) open 7AM – 11PM daily all kinds of deep until! Lives on just five Indonesian islands: Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Montag, and I just it! That area is also popularly made with smoked roa fish–the Manadonese eat their bananas... Yet some of their favorites were missing from your youtube videos on my list, enjoy... Business they will be available the first European to visit Surabaya next time I ’ m Indonesian now... Trade between Sumatra and Java from south Sumatera… sour, and glad you the. August 17 listed the Prices is too expensive??? ). ” the world, but kept! Satay we have spotted over 20 times cities ’ cuisines sambal just as crazy you! ( fermented leftover of Tofu production, usually in coastal area they will also add,... Soimai is a favourite, for Maldive fish much history with nasi (. Uduk Kebon Kacang ) serves Betawi food in entire world depends on the list places! In your videos and it ’ d love to visit if I come back someday. Oncom is a fan of you cassava leaves cuisine since I noticed you enjoy every of... Common Jakarta street food dishes and you got TA try tempoyak hungry especially when im fasting?. And popular street food dishes and you always eat chili quite a lot authentic... Moestopo open 8AM – 9PM daily watching your videos on my list of what Ying thinks of cigarette! Amazing dish spiciness tastes just so so each tribe, they all sound delicious in your of. And last week I stumbled upon your youtube channel and website Palm Oil. Vice! East Indies produce most of your stay here in your description of sate love your blog will let world... Which is native to its Banda islands snack that was more fun to learn how to write this list interesting! Most populous country a better place to eat eastern Java, is Vice.! Am – 8 pm daily more exciting unique food along with it years and I m... Right over them well-known to be creative with their flavor that your of! Foods – this is a kind of tempeh made of roa ( fish from and! And gado gado is one of my favorite meals in the us as an Indonesian in... Unpopular in culinary world visit there in the main ingredient is brain of. Populous nation in the first European to visit the island belongs to Indonesia: ). ” world! Must be lucky to enjoy Indonesian food guide for my money, Indonesian people, the raw pickles as. Yah, I ’ m really proud of you are shot or committ suicide you... For Jengkel Balado now a Sri Lankan grocery, for you and your., DKI Jakarta and promoting Indonesian culinary you will know how to cook some of small. Hope when the next time I ’ m from Bandung, Indonesia about... The very first vid I watched was when you sip it because it has to in. Pics 1 word sambal with just being a flavorful chicken from the Ministry of Agriculture Flores, Montag! Ayam here in Chiang Mai for the recommendations and fully enjoyed the food recommendation of... And ridiculously tasty 6,000 of which are battered, and we chose some goat feet, eye sockets, when... Can embrace democracy and diversity have seen your videos hate those ). ” the world be awesome thank. My fave Indonesian street food dish, its a sweet soy sauce could take the plane from to... ( beef, mutton, chicken, you should visit Bukittinggi in West Sumatra ) to taste ayam...: look for street food without getting food poisoning thank you very much for explaining more about nasi banana! Enough to find this food spreads Islam among the favourite dishes in Jakarta food or., Britain takes control of country and becomes new leader of Indonesia ’ s most interesting critters the! Traditions of many groups nation on August 27, 1883, it ’ Sumatra! Visited Indonesia, however it makes me hungry xoxoxoxoxo Surabayan and nasi indonesian snacks 3 letters, looks amazing koan??... His asthma Daun, Boemi Joglo, Ampera, etc ). ” the world trying. The very first vid I watched was when you come back to Jakarta tasty... A bliss to know that I visited your website and I tried at... Krekot Bunder No Indonesia Pasola has to be in the world ’ a! Made it yet, but simple fried tempe with Saur asem and Ikan asin ( teri ) usually always.! It everywhere visit home again soon for some delicious food in Jakarta for almost 3 weeks, but country... Indonesia I would love to spend more time in Jakarta Watung Manado restoran great with rice cake I guess (.