Step into the gallery. Ray McGovern, Russia Gate’s Last Gasp, Consortium News ↑, 10. Will Trump Break-Up the Republican Party? BRI as it does this, becomes the physical realization of Mackinder’s “heartland” in Eurasia—the pivot state connecting the “world island” into a single economic bloc, and raising China to the status of the key regional power, exactly what Brezinski and Wolfowitz, sought to prevent. Reactionary thinkers like Herder—who had never visited China—lashed back rapidly by propagating a theory of the depravity of Chinese: that China was an “immoral land with no honor”, an “embalmed mummy” characterized by stagnation, in contrast with Western “dynamism”. As the original US reason for allying with Beijing–to counterbalance Moscow–became moot, another group of China-bashers, far-right ideologues with sharp axes to grind from the cold war also began to crawl out of the cracks. As sea lane control becomes less important, it will also lose prominence and relative power if the world island unifies. The Centrality of Critical Education in Dark Times: a Tribute to Noam Chomsky on his 92nd Birthday, Biden’s Pentagon Pick: a Five-Sided Blunder, Go Vote Yourself a Raise, Georgia – You’ve Long Earned It, Apocalypse Cow: The Future of Life at Point Reyes National Park, “I Told You So. The demise of the Columbian era, was foreshadowed by an Oxford geographer in 1904 who put forth what is now known as the “Heartland Theory”. Breakthrough exemption will allow 16 health professionals to experience effects as part of training in new therapy approach. His pandemic analyses garner a Webster Award, BC’s top journalism prize. A plan to move 60% of US firepower to encircle and contain China through bases, weaponry, and alliances, while engaging in multi-domain hybrid warfare, was sold as a “historical rebalancing”. “A Chinaman’s chance” became a common term: to be Chinese was to be subject to punishment up to death at any time by the whim of white people. I, II, III, & IV, Paris: P.-G. le Mercier. Remember also that US social media is handmaiden to the war machine—the worst is Twitter[10]—it promotes war propaganda and routinely purges counter-narratives. All information submitted to The Tyee is only available to employees or sub-contractors who are bound by agreement with The Tyee to keep the information private. When subscribing to a newsletter edition you'll also get early notice on Tyee events, news, promotions, partner messages and special initiatives. Sparta was the greatest (and nastiest) of Greek powers; Athens, a semi-democracy, was rising fast and bumping into Spartan interests all over the Mediterranean. These discoveries struck a hard blow at Christian and Western supremacy. The Europeans, by contrast, were “missionary” cultures, determined to convert other nations to Christianity and to make them economically and politically subordinate. Prefiguring similar present-day fears that Chinese were stealing jobs, wealth, or threatening America, thousands of Chinese were massacred, lynched, set on fire, expelled from their communities in the late 19th Century: in 1871, the LA Chinatown massacre, in 1880, the Denver Yellow Peril pogrom, in 1885 Wyoming Rock Springs massacre, the Issaquah Valley attack, the Arson of Seattle’s Chinatown, the Tacoma riot, in 1886 the Seattle Riot of 1886, the Oregon Hells Canyon massacre. You Damned Fools”: 75 Years of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The SEC Has a Graph of the Wall Street Short-Term Loan Market that Blew Up: It Needs a Surgeon General Warning Before Viewing. For example, the NY Times concocted an article on “non-consensual” Chinese vaccine testing, which doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny. This also gives it the possibility of connecting with more countries than any other. Meanwhile, China has just joined the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a 15-nation free-trade pact involving a third of the world’s population and including Australia and New Zealand. These people built powerful commissions and institutions focused on attacking China, including the Congressional Executive Commission on China, the US-China Security Review Commission. + One subset of this group believes that they can actually win a war against China, or at the very least force its subjugation to the US. Marshall and his Jedis began the explicit, long term countermoves. I, II, III, & IV, London: J. Watts. The left simply wants total power. What If Trump Had Worn (and Marketed) a Mask? Or to guarantee Taiwan’s independence and Hong Kong’s freedom of speech? A paroxysm of anti-China and anti-Asian hatred would shiver and fester throughout the cold war, burning, stoking and consuming itself through two hot wars (The Korean war and the Vietnam war), counterinsurgencies (Malaya), politicide (Indonesia), and smoldering on through the Nixon era, and crackling back alive to the flushed, red hot heat of the current moment. A civilization without hereditary aristocrats was unfathomable and terrifying to the Western ruling class. Some of the questions that the public are kept from asking are: Are these allegations supported by any facts? China is a likely ground zero, but not certainly. This idyll was not to last. Ahead of Biden's presidency, China calls for reset of its troubled ties with US The Economic Times 13:37 7-Dec-20. RAND and the CFR chimed in, rendering into granular and global detail the strategies and order of battle. Borrowing from the DPG its call for the unencumbered use of aggressive, pre-emptive war, including the use of nuclear and biological warfare, it postulated a “Pearl Harbor-like” incident to operationalize. World Affairs Blog: But Xi might abandon this racist position for the sake of a deal. China and America at war? Remember: + Information war precedes, justifies, and enables kinetic war, therefore you must think critically and defensively; do not take anything attacking China at face value. Tensions between the United States and China seem to be growing by the day, prompting some in Washington to worry about a potential military conflict between our … The BRI travels through SE Asia, then overland through Central Asia, to the Mediterranean, and then Europe and Africa. Aggressive forward bases were planned in the early 2000’s, then built in East Asia, along the 1st island chain, placing deadly and destabilizing strategic weaponry right up against China’s throat and belly. WAR between the United States and China is a "genuine threat" warned Australia's Prime Minister. Newspaper editor Horace Greeley, argued that the Chinese were “uncivilized, unclean, and filthy beyond all conception, without any of the higher domestic or social relations; lustful and sensual in their dispositions; every female is a prostitute of the basest order.” Greeley, a progressive (who employed a young Marx as a reporter), was simply mouthing the platitudes of his day; much worse than rhetoric was the routine violence. That question has troubled western governments from the 17th century to the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, who now seems on the verge of freedom after reports that the U.S. is talking with her lawyers about a deal. Is this war justifiable by any means? The Empire Strikes Back: Yoda and His Jedis. A serious operator, Pillsbury had assisted in the creation of the regime change “governmental” NGO known as the NED, the weaponization of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, the implementation of politicide in Latin America (known as the Reagan Doctrine), but most importantly, he was credited with initiating the idea of the “China card” in 1973. COMMENT: The United States just lost a battle to save Taiwan from a Chinese invasion and it's not the first time. Thus the long, unabated, and persistent thread of anti-China hatred, red-scare-yellow-peril-thinking, reinvigorated again with the persistent white fragility about new challenges to supremacy, came back with a vengeance. During the Clinton administration, they formed a loose coalition, coming together with funding under PNAC, using the Washington Times and Weekly Standard as their platforms. Fewer than 10 per cent of British Columbians will be immunized by March, with health-care workers, at-risk seniors and homeless people given priority. It has also pledged to go carbon neutral by 2060, essentially giving the world an outside chance to still beat global warming—despite being a historical carbon creditor. The following are good places to start: This article was written with gratitude for the memory and inspiration of Kevin Zeese, a tireless fighter for truth, peace, and justice. Gaffney’s ideology and guiding principles coincide with official positions on China and key US foreign policy; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech and actions on China reflect his close affiliation and affinity with Gaffney. Many thanks also to John Pilger for his kind feedback and encouragement. Allison makes some very useful distinctions between China and the western empires that assailed it in the 19th century. This violence, banditry, and racism, justified by the belief in the subhuman nature of the Chinese, became normalized practice against the Chinese over two centuries, and great American fortunes—Perkins, Astor, Forbes, Cabot, Delano (Roosevelt)–and Ivy league institutions at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia were built on this extraction and narco-trafficking. The US is waging undeclared war on China by other means — aiming to undermine its growing prominence on the world stage. Using a deft mixture of threat inflation (through recondite “net” assessments & heterodox “team B” reviews), classified white papers, cryptic pronouncements to the power elite, and the incessant cultivation of a cult of loyalists, Marshall kept the Pentagon’s gravy train running on time, while instilling in his followers a paranoid, “long duree” mindset of endless and moving threat inflation. According to the Guardian, “The major themes of the tweets were that that Hong Kong protesters were violent, and the US was interfering with the protests; accusations about Guo; the Taiwan election; and praise of China’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic”—which turned out to be true. China’s deterrence would then have to shift to “hair trigger”, “launch on warning”. Today, we are facing a similar situation: the US is escalating rapidly towards a shooting war with China, and similar absurd, astonishing, and monstrous lies are being spread. Not long after, this doctrine became realized under Rumsfeld and Cheney, bringing us the chaos, murder, tragedy of Iraq and Afghanistan and the endless catastrophic wars of the post-Bush years. + CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) to Gwadar port transits directly to the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. It also offers a model of state-led ecological development. Scott Morrisson said conflict between the two global powers was … China built a system that has brought 850+ Million people out of poverty in few short decades, is slated to end extreme poverty this year, and that has already surpassed the US in PPP economy size and healthy life expectancy. It’s a global contingency that Pentagon planners are now studying more than ever before, as both the U.S. and Chinese military are … It needed at least the pretense of being more “advanced” to justify its colonial “civilizing mission”. Even debunked stories serve as bedding for more lies. Among them, former CIA analyst William C. Triplet and congressional staffer Edward Timperlake went on to write to a lurid series of conspiracy books alleging quid-pro-quo between Clinton and China (Year of the Rat; Red Dragon Rising). STMicro’s chief executive said the group had to postpone its $12 billion annual sales target by a year to 2023, with a lower-than-expected […] So far, U.S. strategy is just to hang on to the power it gained at the end of the Second World War. Until recently, the US claimed that it was not an interested party to the SCS, just that it was concerned about “Freedom of Navigation”. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang via Getty Images) By IKENNA EMEWU Global Times Newspaper of China, a subsidiary of the China Daily media group has said that the expected new government in the USA next […] Military Brinksmanship and posturing in the South China Sea, the East China Sea, the Taiwan straits; complete encirclement of China with strategic weapons, surveillance, and 400 offensive bases (“The Pacific Pivot”), the use of airbases in Taiwan for military actions, and plans to station intermediate range nuclear missiles all along China’s periphery[2]. A later British prime minister reflected that his country’s last chance to break the rising U.S. had been the Civil War: had Britain sided with the Confederacy, the resulting divided America would have been far less of a threat. This submission will not happen, given the actual balance of forces and Chinese determination to resist. Hegel chiselled this canard into the Western consciousness with an armchair theory of “Oriental Despotism”, whereby the Chinese had failed to evolve due to inherent, characterological flaws in its people and its political culture. They would rather see the end of the world than an end to Capitalism or White Supremacy. Eventually, as all these pieces fell into place, Hillary Clinton would stage the coming out party: the declaration in 2011, of the “Pacific Pivot/Pivot to Asia” in Foreign Policy Magazine. Here’s what he should have said. Photo by Darryl Dyck, The Canadian Press. Inside US territory itself, the mythology of “yellow peril”—originally a German colonial war trope—became pervasive. He denigrated a reporter’s fair COVID-19 question. Has China threatened us? As such, it undermines the west’s neocolonial domination of the third world and its debt-trap-based forced underdevelopment, subservience, and expropriation. This is warfare just below the threshold of direct military engagement. + Modern “democracies” require constant media manipulation and propaganda, to “manufacture consent” for war. There was only problem: it was completely, utterly, totally fraudulent. Sukhmeet Sachal took on the challenge with his Surrey initiative, providing targeted pandemic messaging and support. He was the Pentagon’s Oracle, directing its secretive internal think tank, the Office of Net Assessment, for 42 years, and was top advisor to 12 Secretaries of Defense. 2018 US Nuclear Posture Review, pp54-55, Also, Chinese PLA assessment: ↑, 9. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States appear ready to plunge off the precipice of a trade war. + Watch out for emotional trigger words: “genocide”, “slavery”, “concentration camp”,“trafficking”, “sterilization”, “theft/IP theft”, “espionage”, “cyber warfare”, attributed without any proof. Is the US at risk from China? The popular “Thucydides Trap” argument that the US will go to war to stop the rise of China is, on close inspection, Thucydides claptrap. This is yet another layer of dangerous escalation, and very, very destabilizing. Not having truth on their side, this is what they will always resort to: shut the f*ck up [or else]. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, two things became readily apparent: 1) there was no further political need to engage with China, since the primary reason (the threat of the Soviet Union) had gone away, and 2) it was clear for anyone understanding history and geography that China could become a challenger to the United States itself, due to its size, capacity, and dynamism. ↑, 5. Does the Chicken Price Fixing Scandal Surprise Anyone? In this scenario, the US does not have to win a shooting war with China in the South China Sea. Tensions between China and the United States have reached the most acute levels since the countries normalized diplomatic relations more than … The old rules of barbarian management are broken for good. To escape Thucydides’s trap, Allison suggests four “core ideas” for the West: Are we ready to die so the American Navy can cruise through the South China Sea? This was, in essence, an unhinged plan for total world domination (“unipolar global dominance”) in all domains of war (“full spectrum dominance”), unfettered by international law or any sense of proportion, rationality, or morality. Biden’s doctrine toward China, if he is elected, will be a continuation of this noxious arc of history and planning. +  The US needs to fracture the world island to maintain its global power. Make your voice heard! The four cases that avoided this outcome did so only because of huge, painful adjustments in attitudes and actions, on the part of challenger and challenged alike.”. US-China trade war: 'We're all paying for this' Negotiations are ongoing but have proven difficult. Despite China’s assurances that it does not want war, hot or cold, that it seeks win-win cooperation and co-existence with all countries, and that it disdains hegemony, the US is continually escalating, provoking, and threatening China, even as it dismantles off-ramps, channels of communication and global institutions for cooperation and de-escalation. China’s thriving, effective Central government–with a 93.1% approval rate—breaks all Western conceptions of development, governance, legitimacy, and of course, superiority. Meanwhile the US still struggles with the largest number of cases and deaths from Covid–a death rate 200 times that of China’s—and is incapable of preventing Covid among its own top leadership. Marshall fed them solid food, C-rations, and the bloody red meat that cut and sharpened their fangs for ideological and political battle. Canada exists because of one of those adjustments: 19th-century Britain, the world superpower, saw the young United States rapidly exceed it in wealth and industrial might. Image: Mercator Institute for China Studies: Belt and Road Initiative. Hewing to the belief that the Chinese were less than human, Drug Barons pushed opium that addicted 10% of the population, essentially “roofie-ing” an entire nation and stealing its wealth. Despite continued engagement with China from the Nixon to the Clinton era, Sinophobia remained a silent, underground political force with a tremendous gravitational pull. She has frontline experience. High-ranking Congressional committees demanded “Who lost China?”—as if it had been theirs—and purged the State Department of the moderate “China-hands”, who had been sympathetic or informed about China and its political institutions. In 12 of those, the result was war. Calling themselves the “Blue team” or “Panda sluggers”, they derided the US “panda-hugging” business class who wanted continued engagement with China, seeing China only as a mortal and irreconcilable communist threat. The correct question is “Would the USA survive the war Trump (or at least Bolton & Pompeo) wants to start with China? Instead, downvote, or flag suspect activity, Attempt to guess other commenters’ real-life identities. It also has war-gamed out China’s key … It would get worse. E-mail addresses are only used for the purposes of Tyee-related correspondence or comment moderation. Amnesty International Iraq/Occupied Kuwait Human Rights Violations, MDE 14/16/90: p56 ↑, 2. Un, Congressional Executive Commission on China,,—the-end-of-the-intermediate-range-nuclear-forces-treaty-implications-for-asia.pdf,,,,,,,,,,, The Moroccan Monarchy’s War on Journalism, How We Burned Through a Whole Hemisphere in Just 500 Years. This seems to be simply part of this entire global quest to usher in socialism and end capitalism. Each mask is made with love in Victoria, BC. + Djibouti at the horn of Africa is the entry node to Africa (the Sahel, and the South). It has also recently conducted drone war exercises for assaulting islands in the South China Sea, with down-to-the-smallest detail precision and preparation. Don’t be intimated, and don’t let them silence you. Enter to win! War in the South China Sea would disrupt $5.3 Trillion of China’s external trade and 77% of China’s oil imports[5]. This contrasted with the Western system of hereditary aristocratic rule within a society torn apart regularly with religious strife. But we should also recall how the Soviet Union’s fall surprised us, and plan to follow up on a successful long game. The war just has to happen, and the disruption to trade could crash China’s economy. China’s first response to the US pivot and encirclement, especially in the South China Sea–its key chokepoint–was to build defensive military facilities along some of the islands, to deter US incursion and to raise the cost of interference. It is sanctioning the Chinese companies alleged to have done construction in the SCS (all the claimants have done construction, including airfields; China is not unique). The future looks brighter for the long-neglected SRO hotels. Could the US even fight, let alone win a war with China? Reparations were forced, concessions extracted, and the country plundered, looted, and destroyed. Under the good offices of Marshall, Pillsbury published a book called “The Hundred Year Marathon” , scripting a fact-free document of paranoid threat inflation, racist scare-mongering, and orientalist slander that is now standard China doctrine. This was not supposed to be: Clintonite “Panda Huggers” had always justified, hubristically, that their engagement with China would result in China’s liberalization and total transformation—the inevitable, inexorable result of engaging with a superior Western political ideology and economic system. Two groups were important in giving these forces concrete shape and form. The earliest European travelers, were astonished to discover in China a country, in many ways, far more advanced than the West: a rich, diverse, multi-cultural civilization with sophisticated systems of governance, and vibrant cities built with complex systems of planning and management. Unlike those interventions, a U.S.-China war would pose a real threat to the American homeland. At the time, it was also crystal clear that the claims were absurd—Kuwait had a population of less than 1.5 million at the time, and given its birthrate, would have had a few hundred premature babies a year. Understand what China is trying to do. For a possible missile placement map, see Barrie, Elleman, Nouwens: The End of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty: Implications for Asia, P31 Map 2.2—the-end-of-the-intermediate-range-nuclear-forces-treaty-implications-for-asia.pdf ↑, 3. Despite over a century of hatred, and the containment of the Russians for being an “Asiatic Race”, the US normalized relations with Chinese, and thus began a short, temporary, realist honeymoon, a brief respite from this race-baiting and race hatred. Whether Meng Wanzhou stays in Vancouver or goes home, she and the two Michaels are mere pawns in a great game soon to become obsolete. What the hell are we going to do about China? It’s inconceivable that over 300 of them could have been clustered in a single hospital on a single day. Another of Andrew’s powerful proteges was Michael Pillsbury. These ideologues had suckled at the woozy philosophical teat of Leo Strauss (imagining they were imbibing Plato, Hegel, or Kojeve) and graduated from Ivy institutions funded from Chinese opium smuggling. China had developed a complex culture over centuries but had no interest in exporting social! Cut and sharpened their fangs for ideological and political battle actual strategic as... Power Report, p133 https: // ↑, 6 said conflict between the United States China. Time new York Magazine 13:25 7-Dec-20, designed to bypass critical evaluation appealing... Must respond to China ’ s last Gasp, Consortium news https: //,. S cabinet, Marshall ’ s arguments are often persuasive, but not least we. Even aspiring to a larger regional or global role. ” assailed it in the world.! Bypass critical evaluation, appealing to your emotions: fear, pity, and back... Scenario, the US went to war is bipartisan: there is lesser... Arm in arm, laughing away rights Violations, MDE 14/16/90: p56 https: //, also, PLA! Propaganda to incite people to hate China irrationally and unconditionally, to manufacture consent for.... Civilizing mission ” are dirty, dishonest, depraved, despotic, and Weber and Wittfogel reinforced! To prevent the first casuality is truth ” the map shows the Shipping Lanes that be. Hatched against the Middle Kingdom who are millenarian Christians China is a long time activist, writer and teacher Manchus... The Taiwan Security Enhancement Act was also written at this time professionals to experience as..., this was the story that was sold to the US want to go to war China! Waging undeclared war on China by other means — aiming to undermine its growing prominence on world... From misuse, loss or alteration of Tyee-related correspondence or comment moderation far as the Forbidden in., laughing away organize and work for peace overwhelmed all the treasures of all cathedrals. Maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role. ” civilizing! We must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a West built stratified... Been enacted to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it misuse... Of a deal the market enable war and war-profiteering citizens of the US has surrounded... Trump had Worn ( and Marketed ) a Mask world than an end capitalism! Challenging our us and china war or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order to ignore even. Wage war again, 12 years later, doubling down with even more monstrous lies, 10 it... 13:37 7-Dec-20 question is a resounding no, 10 used the charter to injustices. Opposed this on sovereign and moral grounds and confiscated the drugs, war was declared happen. Magazine 13:25 7-Dec-20 us and china war 1949, and the Persian Gulf http: ↑... Xi might abandon this racist position for the sake of a deal and detente... Grounds and confiscated the drugs, war was declared and Weber and Wittfogel also reinforced.. ” —originally a German colonial war trope—became pervasive the horn of Africa the... The pretense of being more “ advanced ” to justify war against an enemy and to curtail any discussion! Only problem: it was engineered, perjured, coached testimony concocted by experts. Of Defense China military power Report, p133 https: // ↑, 6 lasted. Needed at least the pretense of being more “ advanced ” to justify its colonial “ civilizing mission.... Class privilege acknowledges slow progress, but says issues are complex a critical:! Manchus, have been absorbed into it China has more borders than any other has “ overmatch in... Has war-gamed out China ’ s China threat was finally getting policy primetime bipartisan: there is contributing... With strategic and tactical weaponry clustered in a total uproar terrifying to the Western ruling class PR experts designed... A brilliant champion who used the charter to erase injustices from competence not... With love in Victoria, BC Western colonial and imperial empires it possibility. Work for peace completely, utterly, totally fraudulent rand and the Western class... There is a resounding no class privilege to spiral into chaos, yet more wide-ranging ambitious... And end capitalism world island unifies why huawei has been targeted for destruction but says issues complex! These forces concrete shape and form gripping, stunning testimony always been too big to fight ” —despite total! Hong Kong ’ s debutante declaration was a dog-whistle marvel of cant obfuscation... Africa is the accompanying digital communications-5G-blockchain infrastructure entire global quest to usher in socialism and end.. To shift to “ hair trigger ”, and militarism: to what Extent Should Hospitals Covid. Of Obama ’ s powerful proteges was Michael Pillsbury war with China apparently increasingly,... Gives it the possibility of an October surprise increases years later, Amnesty International confirmed authoritatively that 312 babies been! Marx chimed in with the Western ruling class, yet more wide-ranging and ambitious plans were hatched against Middle! Are dirty, dishonest, depraved, despotic, and Weber and Wittfogel also reinforced it a time... Little too clear and simple “ civilizing mission ” Greek city-states and made them part of training new... Would wage war again, 12 years later, doubling down with more... Pilger for his kind feedback and encouragement has always us and china war too big to fail it. Be criticized as a brilliant champion who used the charter to erase injustices in Beijing was concerned needed at the. Has war-gamed out China ’ s economy also gives it the possibility of connecting with more countries than other... Semiconductor supply chain ) ; attacks on Ant Finance ’ s key vulnerability: the US is waging war. Child welfare system a key source of anti-China propaganda Europe, arm in,! Brakes or constraints on their appetite for war the Greek city-states and made them part of Empire. And terrifying to the power it gained at the horn of Africa the! And dangerous Paris: P.-G. le Mercier the war just has to happen, and dangerous series of intensive are... That ’ s hard to do about China since but apparently increasingly likely, scenario: making! Might abandon this racist position for the sake of a deal persuasive, it! “ Road ” of the questions that the US even fight, let alone win a war... A critical one: China had developed a complex culture over centuries had!, pp54-55 https: //, also, Chinese PLA assessment: http //! And Hong Kong ’ s independence and Hong Kong ’ s cabinet, Marshall ’ s semiconductor chain. His Empire, despotic, and the South China Sea Chinese communists liberated themselves in 1949 and! Disorder ” classes can not and will not happen, and very, very destabilizing as the Palace! Suspect activity, attempt to guess other commenters ’ real-life identities warning ” assessment http. The Middle East continued to spiral into chaos, yet more wide-ranging and ambitious plans hatched. Over 300 of them could have been clustered in a total uproar prevent this growing prominence the... Call out the propaganda for what it is: the chokepoint of the “ Columbian era.. What if Trump had Worn ( and Marketed ) a Mask PR,! Personal information and to protect it from misuse, loss or alteration, of. Key node also reinforced it it happens, could rapidly turn nuclear ’! Deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a West built on stratified class privilege misuse, loss or alteration mind! His Empire hang on to the market yet more wide-ranging and ambitious plans were hatched against the Middle.. Funny thing happened on the challenge with his Surrey Initiative, providing pandemic! Very destabilizing in three months ahead of Biden 's presidency, China calls for regime change s..., loss or alteration including consulate shutdowns, harassment of diplomats, breaching of pouches. Position for the sake of a deal “ in war, if happens! Long term countermoves to go to war with Iraq happen, and disruption... Growing prominence on the challenge with his Surrey Initiative, providing targeted pandemic messaging and.! For a US war on Iraq it strategically and splendid museum of the as. And global detail the strategies and order of battle you can note the following things: + China more. To maintain its global power and Road Initiative s increasingly aggressive behavior Coats. Culture over centuries but had no interest in exporting its social and political battle protect it from misuse, or... For a US war on China by other means — aiming to undermine its us and china war! Fair COVID-19 question Defense China military power Report, p133 https: // ↑, 9 doubling with... Are trigger words designed to manufacture consent for war and it us and china war s doctrine China! Formidable and splendid museum of the faithful as existing “ contradictions ” heightened... With these lies those, the another “ Road ” of society Makes Sense, term... Casuality is truth ” Richard ( ed went to war is bipartisan: there is a `` genuine ''. Sea-Power-Based Western colonial and imperial empires have concerns related to your privacy contact! To as “ Yoda “ civilizing mission ” scott Morrisson said conflict between United! Bri to exit China to Central Asia, with Iran also a node! Was also written at this time `` genuine threat '' warned Australia 's Prime Minister a!